Ninja Nyan Cat!

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Big ups to Alex for making this :P Love it.    Free download on his video:    Wallpaper:

Nyan Cat (Alex S. Dubstep Remix) - I will say this version doesn't get old

Nyan Cat Bollywood Dance.

Nyan Cat Dance [ Indian Bollywood Version ] warning: of your life you will never get back . but damn clever tho'

“Nyan Cat Variations” by Craig Davis Pinson

The Nyan Cat Variations, Musical Variations of the Nyan Cat Theme

“Nyan Cat Variations” by Craig Davis Pinson is a 17 minute musical composition for classical ensemble based on the infamous Nyan Cat theme. It was performed by the Juventas New Music Ensemble at The Boston Conservatory on February


Elders React To . You know the webseries Kids React To . Now there is Elders React To . First episode: Nyan Cat!

nyan cat family tree by ThatAnimeDude on DeviantArt

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