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The Animated GIF: Still Looping After All These Years

Lol !!!

things that cats kind of look like

Things that cats kind of look like. Alyssa, is this why you love kitties, because they look like Batman?

Nyan Turtle #turtleadayjuly - @turtlewayne- #webstagram

the name just makes it better turtle _ Wayne

Kitty Ambition

They told me I could become anything so I became a poptart and flew across the galaxy while *BEEP*ing a rainbow.

I can't stop laughing!!!!

Photographers manage to capture twenty-two perfectly timed cat photos. - More like Purrfectly Timed Cat Photos!

Love the Nyan Cat!

Non-Stop Nyan Cat / Pop Tart Cat - How Long Can You Go?

"Never Drink Alone Again Because Now There's Wine for Cats.  This special feline libation is called “Nyan Nyan Nouveau.” As Kotaku reports, “nyan nyan” is the Japanese equivalent of “meow meow.” (Oh hey, remember Nyan Cat?) This cat wine doesn’t really contain any alcohol, but it does contain juice made from Cabernet grapes, along with catnip. So just accept it. It’s wine. For cats."  Nyan Nyan Nouveau costs 399 yen (or $4) for a bottle.

Never Drink Alone Again Because Now There’s Wine for Cats

Never Drink Alone Again Because Now There Is Wine for Cats: Nyan Nyan Nouveau is a Japanese (non-alcoholic) cabernet grape juice brewed with catnip just for cats. Well, in English, we'd have to say: Meow! (in Japanese, that's Nyan)!

Get these memes off my lawn.

Not taking chances with exams coming up at all. (I'm also going to study & work hard)

Kawaii Nyan cat - Notebook - NB4 | ChibiBunny - Paper/Books on ArtFire - Neeed ♥ - Shop is all you Neeed !

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Nyan Nyan Cat Paw Light -- Set of 6

This is the Nyan Nyan Cat Paw Light toy featuring cute cat paws that light up and say "Nya" (or "Meow" in English).


Made my kitten a new outfit this morning..

How many lives would a real live Nyan Cat have if a real live Nyan Cat would really be alive? Nine, of course! These nine real live Nyan Cats show what happens when cat owners think an insufferably cute, surprisingly long-lived Internet meme would.