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The O bag mini. Buy mini O bags online with global shipping. Official O bag online store. Complete range of mini O bag handbags. Colourful O bag handbags with interchangeable handles and accessories.

What I love about my O Bag is that each bag is customiseable and all of the elements are interchangeable. Start by choosing a body, then add handles, inserts and trims of your choice for a new bag every time.

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These Obags are customiseable, so you buy the shell, available in loads of…

O Bag, create your own style by combining your choice of body, handles and accessories.. > disponibile da CARLA

O Bag, crea il tuo stile e abbina accessori.

The O bag has now been designed in a mini version; made of the same material, it has a slightly smaller body and is designed to suit short handles in leather or rope. The Italian-designed Mini O bag is a beautifully simple, modern and versatile handbag. The body is moulded using a special material called EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) making the Mini O bag soft, tactile, waterproof, lightweight and resilient. Please allow 2 weeks for shipping.

Mini O Bag

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JComm Limited trading as O BAG UK is the exclusive distributor of O bag brand products in the UK and Republic of Ireland. This website is provided for our retail stockists only

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Perforated Suede Trim - Pink - O bag Classic Accessory

Perforated Suede Trim - Pink - O bag Classic Accessory