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The O bag has now been designed in a mini version; made of the same material, it has a slightly smaller body and is designed to suit short handles in leather or rope. The Italian-designed Mini O bag is a beautifully simple, modern and versatile handbag. The body is moulded using a special material called EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) making the Mini O bag soft, tactile, waterproof, lightweight and resilient. Please allow 2 weeks for shipping.

Mini O Bag

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The O bag Mini Italian handbag

The O bag mini. Buy mini O bags online with global shipping. Official O bag online store. Complete range of mini O bag handbags. Colourful O bag handbags with interchangeable handles and accessories.

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These Obags are customiseable, so you buy the shell, available in loads of different shades, then pick an insert, handles and a trim if you fancy it. You can have one bag but with several accessories can change your look each season. They're so versatile and make great beach bags as they're made of silicon so are waterproof, and wipe clean.

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What I love about my O Bag is that each bag is customiseable and all of the elements are interchangeable. Start by choosing a body, then add handles, inserts and trims of your choice for a new bag every time.