This whole "blood type diet" is very interesting to me especially since I do suffer from GI issues and hypothyroid and I eat a lot of the foods I "shouldn't"

NOTE: Wheat and dairy are listed under FOODS TO AVOID. Chambers MacMillan see my pinned board blood type health center

Eat Right For Your Blood Type :: What Makes a 'Type O’ an Individual?

Lose weight blood type o positive. Find out how a healthy diet lowers weight, maintains health, prevents disease and helps control and/or treats chronic diseases.

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Ten things you MUST know about your blood type ( is critical!) We are all aware that a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition, loaded with lots of raw frui.

A+ Blood Type Diet, and people always have made fun of me when I eat meatless meals  (meat substitutes like morning star or boca)...I was doing this before I found out my blood type.

A Positive Blood Type Diet

Diets specific to the blood type are designed to encourage people to eat what is right for their blood type. Let us look at some of the foods that can be included in the diet of people who belong to type A positive blood group.

Blood Type Diet. O List. - I'm not sure if I buy into this completely but I do know that dairy hurts my stomach so maybe there is some merit in it...either way, it doesn't hurt to "clean up" my diet!

this is by far the best change of eating I have ever experienced.I am now combining the pescetarian and blood type maximize total digestive balance