Yup totally true.. Im in love with BTS not only bcs of their good looks,but with their passion n their music.. I felt so frustrated when i try to explain this thing to other people

This is so true it's almost scarry. People olso keep telling me Norman is just a 'fase' in my life. Well, to hell with those people.

Signed I Can't Stop Watching Youtubers Poster (Gold Foil on White 18x24)at the Tyler Oakley store

Signed Can't Stop Poster (Gold Foil on White - Tyler Oakley - Official Online Store on District LinesDistrict Lines

Image result for magcon imagines

Image result for magcon imagines

the evolution of Tyler Oakleys fabulous hair<<<Omg he dyed his hair a lot this year

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the evolution of Tyler Oakley's fabulous hair<<<Omg he dyed his hair a lot this year<<<< Sooner or later, I want to dye my hair like My queen (Tyler Oakley, DUHHH)

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fcb14ce7165f2723dbad260e6bebdd10--hayes-grier-nash-grier.jpg 306×306 pixels

I fan girl too much. Here's some of the people I fan girl over > O2l :) Austin Mahone:) Magcon:) and Oddpauly or Lifewithpaul on youtube ! :D I love them all.

(Sorry for reposting but forgot to mention: I have over 50 fandoms)

i do not like nash grier at all. plz don't get mad at me for that, it is just my opinion and the reason is he has said many many things that offended me and that I do not agree with. however this is completely true. the whole thing.

Y'all need to leave my baby Nash alone and stop saying he's a horrible person. Y would a horrible person say someone something like this. So honestly forget his past because he has apologized.>>>>> PREACH I AGREE I agree AGREE. LOVE NASH NO MATTER WHAT.