Oasis - Favourite Band! Shame I Wasn't Alive In 1994  :' ( @ʆίɓɓψ ʍσɾɾίς

Simple binary opposite colours with a bold font represent the band's no-nonsense substance over style attitude.

b2. Oasis – Dont Look Back In Anger : And yes, Oasis once again! Theres a very good reason that Noel Gallagher ends every High Flying Birds gigs with your second favourite Britpop tune. Its the sound of every hair-tingling high of the 1990s, and the only song in recorded history that begins with John Lennons Imagine piano chords and arguably goes on to actually improve on them.


Oasis International consortium that creates interoperable industry specifications based on public standards such as XML and SGML The Rain Find the Oasis

Does anyone agree that he looks bit like Damon Albarn in this pic? #OASISREUNION

This Is What Glastonbury Looked Like In 1995