Teacher Resignation Letter From Gerald Conti Says His Profession 'No Longer Exists' - very interesting article and thought provoking letter.

Teacher Resignation Letter Says His Profession 'No Longer Exists'

Is The NSA Changing Bank Accounts?  January 3, 2014 by The Dollar Vigilante  Has the National Security Administration (NSA) been changi...

Federal Government Threatens To Cut Funds Of First State To Drop Common Core Standards

Bilderberg Meetings  Chantilly, Virginia, USA, 31 May-3 June 2012    Final List of Participants

Bilderberg Meetings Chantilly, Virginia, USA, 31 June 2012 Final List of Participants

Patricia McCoy, a professor at Boston College Law School, and Gary Pieples, a professor at Syracuse University College of Law, discusses the increasing number of U.S. auto loan defaults, and the chance that the defaults could cause a new credit crisis. They speak with June Grasso and Michael Best on Bloomberg Radio’s "Bloomberg Law."

Law Brief: Auto Defaults Soar (Audio)

Chocolate Makers Saved by Currency as Cocoa Reaches High - Bloomberg

Tancrède Scalabre and Linus Wördemann at Success and Xavier Buestel at Rockmen photographed by Kiki Xue and styled by Simon Pylyser with pieces from Gucci, for the third issue of Boycott magazine.

Boycott captures the androgynous spirit of Gucci’s fall-winter 2015 menswear collection with a beauty story lensed by photographer Kiki Xue. Wearing dandy tops and accessories, models Xavier Buestel and Tancrede Scalabre are styled by Simon Pylyser.

26 Best Celebrity Caricatures

26 Best and Beautiful Celebrity Caricatures for your inspiration

Treason: White House warns GOP Congress that the president will veto Keystone XL legislation  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bay-State-Conservative-News/232712126794242

White House issues veto threat over Keystone pipeline bill

Report: Thousands of convicted criminals freed while awaiting deportation proceedings

Harsh verbal discipline, such as yelling and swearing, increases the risk that teens will misbehave and exhibit symptoms of depression.

Parents: Yelling and swearing at teens can backfire

Conservative Musings: When You Start Throwing Stones You Had Better Not .