Jaye  Schlesinger - White_ Whiter _ Whitest

Jaye Schlesinger White, Whiter , Whitest , 2011 Acrylic on Canvas Oil on Linen…

Paul Fuentes | Everyday Object Mashed-up


Mexican visual artist Paul Fuentes makes modern Pop Art by creating mashups of everyday objects with a very colorful and quirky aesthetic. Inspiration for product photography, still life or creative packshot photography.

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Indefinite Vase range designed by Erik Olovsson and EO Design emphasises the contrast between geometric lines and fluidity

Everyday Objects Into Imaginative Illustrations

Everyday Objects Into Imaginative Illustrations

Pearly Neon Objects Photography

Pearly Neon Objects Photography

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Surrealistic and Colorful Compositions of Daily Objects by Paul Fuentes

Food and objects come together in Dan Cretu's bonkers, brilliant work via "Its Nice That" blog

I blend food sculpture with photography. I am open for wholesale inquiries and other requests, such as larger photographs, canvas prints, and any other ways you would like my art to get to you.

Quirky Interpretations of Everyday Objects by Vanessa McKeown

Quirky Interpretations Of Everyday Objects By Vanessa McKeown

escapekit: “ Whimsical objects Photographer and art director Vanessa McKeown turns everyday objects into colourful quirky scenes. Various objects from fruits, vegetables, cakes, and candies have been constructed with unexpected materials.

Disassembled Sony digital SLR camera from 2012. Number of parts: 580

Things Come Apart by Todd McLellan - in pictures