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Vintage symbol, highly detailed hand drawn snakes with Satanic cross, symbol of Satan in linear style.

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Icon / Ink / Black and White / Bones / Needles / Palms / Hands / Eye / Candles / Candle / Snake / Skull / Absit Reverentia Vero / Bordeaux / BMD Design / Bella Matribus Detestas

Icelandic occult symbols. And Bjork's vegvisir tattoo!

“Rune Charms For Warriors And For Peace” by Sunnyway "I've been asked numerous times by soldiers and family members for magical charms to .


Explore the sharp divide between schools of occult study and magic. What is the left hand path? What does it represent for Satanists?


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Penabranca / Sacred Geometry / Illuminated Eye / Esoteric / Occult Symbol / Mystery Schools / Sigil— made entirely out of circles

psychedelic occult art

impfaust: “ Please, give me strength…. Artwork: “Mother of dark light” by Glyn Smith.

TATTOOS / Førtifem

The Most Awesome in addition to Interesting Flash Tattoo intended for Tattoo Art