Ocean City has a great beach and boardwalk area for families in New Jersey! Check out our guide here.

The Ocean City NJ Boardwalk is located in the Southern Shore Region of NJ. It is the most family-friendly boardwalk in NJ, find all of their fun attractions here!

Ocean City, NJ

Ocean City, NJ We bought custard & carmel popcorn from both of these places on the boardwalk :)

Ocean City, NJ Boardwalk

Wanderlust- is a strong desire to wander or travel and explore the world. I certainly have wanderlust!

Ocean City....I wish the south had boardwalks!

You can almost feel the heat from the boardwalk on a sunny summer day in Ocean City NJ.

Amusements on Ocean City, NJ boardwalk

Ocean City, NJ - the only beach I've ever gone to, since childhood! They call it "America's Greatest Family Resort" and they're right!

Ocean City NJ

Ocean City, New Jersey boardwalk and music pier (in the distance). I love and miss you grandma

Ocean City, NJ

Boardwalk, Ocean City, NJ (My grandparents vacation home was in OCNJ)

Ocean City, NJ boardwalk at sunrise- Dawn of a New Day

Ocean City, NJ boardwalk at sunrise. Some of my best teenage memories are here with my h.