Valence electron octet rule

Valence Electrons - Definition, Obits and Energy Level

Chemistry Now - Molecule Profiles In this original Chemistry Now video and animation series, a dozen molecules and compounds are “profiled” to explain what makes H2O watery and soap soapy; why salt dissolves in water and how soap dissolves grease; why spearmint, dill, cloves and nutmeg have different tastes and aromas; and why grass is green, roses are red and violets are, well, violet. Also covered: molecular bonds (single, double, covalent, hydrogen, ionic); the Octet Rule, deprotonation…

This video uses common table salt to explain and illustrate what happens between the electrons and protons in atoms of the element sodium and atoms and the element chlorine to make crystals of sodium chloride.

What Makes an Element Reactive? From Nova

What Makes an Element Reactive? In this video excerpt from NOVA: "Hunting the Elements," New York Times technology columnist David Pogue examines how atomic structure determines reactivity.

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