"I thought your idea to use my idea was a great idea."

Haha so life is so great! Love when over 4 years ago we fed a fake name and they fell for it! Funny thing is we showed people prior so they could not say we were lying! Just shows how desperate they are to have our life!

Work fails and office memes — 100 Pics

Work fails and office memes — 100 Pics – Funnyfoto

Office Administration Curriculum Vitae - http://topresume.info/office-administration-curriculum-vitae/

***British Administrative Assistant Resume Template/Example - This professionally designed administrative assistant resume shows a candidates ability to provide clerical support and resolve office based problems.

Dramatic Play Post Office Printables for #preschool and #kindergarten

Dramatic Play Post Office

Dramatic Play Post Office Printables- Contact your Director see if you can create pen pals with another site!

28 Memes Everyone Who Works In An Office Will Understand

28 Memes Everyone Who Works In An Office Will Understand

Work fails and office memes — 20 Pics

funny warning signs 21 Warning signs that had me on the floor Photos)

Me rollerblading into my therapist's office this week with sunglasses and a piña colada: maurice, you're not gonna fucking believe this

this would be me if i had a therapist but my mom doesn’t take my problems very seriously so i’ll just sit here and internally scream and contemplate attempting suicide again

My Favorite Thing At The Dental Office

Dentists Agree