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Ofra Haza - legendary israeli singer and style icon

Ofra Haza, the goddess that sung in the soundtrack fro The Prince of Egypt, in 7 different languages <3

Ofra Haza--Israeli Musical Artist (contributed to The Prince of Egypt Soundtrack)

Ofra Haza's grave in Yarkon Cemeter  died 23 Feb 2000 at 42 of AIDS related pneumonia. The media placed blame on her husband for giving her the disease.Haza's manager Bezalel Aloni, claimed in his book that Haza's infection occured during sex with her husband. Her husband had said that she became infected as a result of a blood transfusion in a Turkish hospital following a miscarriage.She is buried in the Artists section of Yarkon Cemetery in Petah Tikva near Tel Aviv.

Bat-Sheva Ofra Haza-Ashkenazi was an Israeli singer, actress, and recording artist. Her voice has been described as a "tender"

Ofra Haza - Im Nin'alu (Original Version - 1984)....Yemenite songs.

Im Nin'Alu - Ofra Haza - this is an ancient Yemeni song about angels singing to and praising God. Ofra Haza had a truly amazing voice and as if that weren't enough, was a strikingly beautiful woman.

Galbi - Ofra Haza    I love her so much, may she rest in peace.

"Galbi" is musical poem by Aharon Amram Yemenite that was sung by Israeli Yemenite singer Ofra Haza.

Ofra Haza - Im Nin'alu (Original Version - 1984)....Yemenite songs....she has an almost ancient voice...her backup musicians are amazing

Ofra Haza - Love song (from the biblical "song of songs") - Magnificent voice

Ofra Haza!(1957-2000).

Mi Li Yiten (Who Will Give Me) ( מי לי יתן) - Sadnat Te'atron Shechunat Hatikva (Hatikva Neighborhood Workshop Theatre) featuring Ofra Haza, Mi li .

Ya Ba Ye - Ofra Haza 1989 - YouTube

Ya Ba Ye - Ofra Haza 1989 - YouTube