YOU SAY THING WITH YOUR MOUTH COBWEBS AND FLYS COME OUT, I HEAR A SECOND VOUCE BEHIND YOU TONGUE SOMEHOW, LUCKILY I CAN READ YOUR MIND FLYS AND COBWEBS UNWIND THEY WILL JOT TAKE YOU DOWN THEY WILL NOT CAST YOU OUT, AH OU OUT, dear friend here we are again pretending to understand how you think your world is ending sending signals and red flags and waves it hard to tel the difference between blood and water these days. I pray that one day you'll see the only difference between life and dieing…

Yes you are .( Love these words from the song The Scientist -Coldplay

Sister Act 2 - Oh happy Day (Lyrics)

Sister Act 2 - Oh happy Day (Lyrics) mit Whoopi Goldberg

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this man is amazing, i love him so much. i want mcr back together....... bad

And then there's my shit handwriting 😂

Mahalia Jackson - Oh Happy Day - YouTube

Sorry this disorder a little time I know who recorded this version was ''The Edwin Hawkins Singers'', but the little time I learned that Mahalia Jackson reco.

▶ Sister Act 2 - Oh Happy day - YouTube

Sister Act 2 - OoOh Happy Day LOL "And the reason we call it a bird course is cuz we flyyy right through it"

oh, this song... <3 [Photograph by Ed Sheeran]

Ed Sheeran - Photograph Lyrics Loving can hurt Loving can hurt sometimes But it's the only thing That I know And when it gets hard You know it can get hard s.

I'm not as think as you drunk I am.

This used to be my phone background then it was Fake Your Death lyrics and now it's I cant remember.

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