1985 OINGO BOINGO Dead Man's Party Tour T-Shirt

Vintage 1985 Halloween Oingo Boingo concert tour T-Shirt.

Saint Danny Elfman of Oingo Boingo. Steve Bartek on shoulder - Matthew Lineham New Wave Saints Series

Danny Elfman, patron saint of gingers. I have this gorgeous little gem framed on my bedroom wall.

Saturday mornings dancing around the living room with the Pops...can't get enough Oingo Boingo!

Ancient Elvish for "Astoundingly talented band led by astoundingly talented, uber-sexy frontman with hair of fire and nice muscles" (Danny denies having anything to do with this)

Oingo Boingo “Dead Man’s Party”

55 Essential '80s Songs Alt-Rock And New Wave Tracks You Need At Your Party

Oingo Boingo - Dead Man's Party music CD album at CD Universe, Unknown Contributor Roles Danny Elfman;

Oingo Boingo - Good For Your Soul (1983)

No Spill Blood, a song by Oingo Boingo on Spotify

Oingo Boingo....look how far Danny Elfman has come!!!!!  Writing the soundtrack to everything, lol!!!

Oingo Boingo released a song called "Wake up (It's on their 1983 album Good For Your Soul. Taking heavily from the movie as well as the book, it serves as commentary to current society.

Oingo Boingo - Little Girls. Grew up with this band, always reminds me of childhood and of course my mom since she is the biggest boingo fan ever!

The lyrics of this 1981 song would be considered as inappropriate and unacceptable in