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Lovely old abandoned house

abandoned tiny cabin with rusty corrugated metal roof.think how many stories this house could tell.I want a cabin like this!

Grand old abandoned house, built 1905. 2218 S Harvard Blvd, Los Angeles, CA. You can click for an article about the house and photos of the interior -- stunning!

Save This House: An Historic Abandoned Mansion in L.A.

Grand old abandoned house, built 1905 @ 2218 S. Harvard Blvd, Los Angeles, CA. article w/ photos of the interior -- stunning!

I love this. Think of the laughter and the heartaches these walls have heard

13 Dramatic Gothic Victorian Homes Part 2 Manoir-des-carpates Located in Mires Paris France, Is this abandoned beauty. It has been abandoned for some time now. It’s such a shame to see a home this beautiful, just left behind.

Old Farm House, Maryland.. Oh the possibilities!!!

This would truly be my dream house. To take an old farm house with a wrap around porch and restore it to its original beauty would be my idea of perfection!

The shell of an old plantation house on the outskirts of Nashville, TN, near Antioch.

I always wonder what the story is behind old abandoned houses. This had to have been a nice house back when it was first built. I just start thinking about the families that lived there and wonder why someone eventually just let the house go to ruin :(

Oh the beauty hidden here... My imagination overwhelms me with all the potential... Hard work appreciated all the more with every bit of elbow grease!

This photo was taken of the interior of an abandoned Victorian house. The sky light could you imagine?

Mission Soledad, Monterey County, California. Near the mission - an old abandoned house that was waiting to be reconstructed on the side of the River Road.

Abandoned building on the edge of a farm field - December 2007 - near Mission Soledad, Monterey County, California, USA

Kosse, TX Old beauty long forgotten♥♥ I would live here in a minute. .what an awesome B n B this house would make!

Once an elegant Victorian mansion, now forgotten in Kosse, Texas. The love that must have filled this house must now be imbedded in the walls as secrets.

Beautiful old abandon house. I can't help but wonder why someone hasn't taken the time to restore it. It must have been very special at one time.

Beautiful old abandoned house in rural Kentucky, Pike County. I can't help but wonder why someone hasn't taken the time to restore it. It must have been very special at one time.

Sometimes I think I want to find and fix up an old abandoned house, all Mary Bailey style.

Abandoned house in Coudersport, Pennsylvania. This is so sad it was once a very beautiful home . I rember what it use to look like . Its for sale too. Its not to far frome where I live and grew up .

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The 40 Most Breathtaking Abandoned Places In The World

Abandoned and Back To Nature 10 Old Homes, Island house Finland. If this is a lake I could live here.