Julie's Lifestyle: Wordless Wednesday - Old Fashioned Record Player

Julie's Creative Lifestyle: Wordless Wednesday - Old Fashioned Record Player

1970s PYE stereo radiogram model: Cambridge1225

PYE stereo radiogram model: Ours was a Pye like this one but without the black speaker covers

Classical Trumpet Horn Turntable - So much more than a record player, this amazing piece of furniture combines modern technology with old fashioned Victorian virtues.  The classic metal horn just typifies a bygone era and the unit as a whole is bound to become a conversation piece as soon as anyone sees it.  Classy and exceptionally well built, will look great in any home and allow you to wallow in nostalgia while benefiting from the best of modern day technology. - Found at myWebRoom.com

Classical Trumpet Horn Turntable

Save on the Pyle Home Audio Classical Trumpet Horn Turntable/Phonograph with AM/FM Radio CD/Cassette/USB & Direct to USB Recording for