Photo taken by Christopher Leon at the reenactment of the battle of Chancellorsville during the American Civil War in 2008.

"Old Glory - American Flag - USA" ~ This is a great photo that was taken during the Civil War Reenactment - Battle of Chancellorsville in Fredericksburg, Virginia, on May

For the Love of My Old Glory

Within the past week, @ Irvine in liberalfornia decided to ban the American Flag from campus that exists here on American Soil, proving once more that "Political Correctness" is evil here in America, and it is generational now.

So cool! Charred American Traditional Flag, from the Rustic Flag Company.

This flag has been built with American spruce and stained with Old Glory's traditional colors. Each star is hand carved, and it is charred prior to assembly for a timeless finish.


Charles Wysocki (1928 – 2002)

First Old Glory made June 1776 by Betsy Ross

First Old Glory made June 1776 by Betsy Ross."they" have not been able to identify a flag specific to her.but it is a cool looking flag

Challenge Coin Holder Old Glory: All handmade Wooden American Flag. With individually cut pieces nailed to a sturdy frame,  stained, torched for that rustic-charred style, and fixed with Challenge Coin Shelves. Then finished with 3 or more coats of high gloss poly for protection and shine that will last a lifetime. A creative way to display all your recognition for hard work!

Challenge Coin Holder Old Glory

Old Glory & P.O.W. M.I.A. Flags.

Old Glory & P.O.W. M.I.A. Flags.

America the Beautiful

United States of America (USA) Rules.

Old Fabric, Old Glory, Old Heroes Stories. God Bless Those That Served Before Us! Flag made in China.

Old Glory Heart wooden home decor wall decor independence day stars and stripes america

Stars And Stripes Heart Decoration

Old Glory - Concealment Flag (Hidden Compartment)

Old Glory - Concealment Flag (Hidden Compartment)

Photo of the Day - March 10, 2012: "Old Glory." Taken by Kenneth Mucke (Lawrenceville, GA). Photographed November 2008, Atlanta, GA.

The French Alps

Old Glory (November by Kenneth Mucke, Atlanta, Georgia for Smithsonian Magazine Annual Photo of the Day, March 2012