Carry Your New Mobile Like Your Old School Cell Phone

Faux Brick Phones

Faux Brick Phones: Carry Your New Mobile Like Your Old School Cell Phone

Got this same phone only in red in my bedroom for Christmas when I was 14!!!!

1960 Pink Desk Telephone

Little Pleasures: 1960 Pink Desk Telephone. I had one like this in my room (with my own private number) when I was in high school.

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Add style to any room in the house with a vintage phone from DST UK. Whether it's a American Diner phone you're looking for or a vintage rotary phone, we've got an incredible collection of styles and colours to suit everyone.

we got to have one of these to be cool

wanted a clear phone SO bad! but my mom wouldn't let me have a phone line in my room :(

Some old-school evening activities that don't involve screens that you can do with your family this summer.

6 Evening Activities (That Don't Involve Looking at a Screen)

6 Old-School Evening Activities That Don't Involve Screens - photo by Vanessa Simpson of Focus in Photography

Old school camera iPhone cases

20+ Beautiful Camera-Themed iPhone Cases

Old school camera iPhone cases. Love the and Polaroid. Those were my first cameras!

Who cares if they have 2 zeros in their number, I'd create sparks and call anybody from this phone!


I like old school phones - phones with "heft"

I like old school phones - phones with "heft". Whenever you said, "Just a minute" and set the phone down, you'd end up accidentally hanging up on the caller".

Old School Phone banquette

Old School Phone Banquette

Old school cell phone  (still see them from time to time on retro tv shows, like Remington Steele and Miami Vice. ~ SW)

Ericsson Hotline 450 Mobile Phone A Brick Almost looks like my first Mobil Phone .

cell phone

Crosley Pink 1950s Wall Pay Phone_D

Pretty pink phone would love this for my kitchen! It was common to find the house phone in the kitchen in the