Old Town School of Folk Music is a great nonprofit that teaches art forms to children and adults.

Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago. They are having these global dance parties and i am going, let me tell you

Our local community board.  Using an old car mat and photographs from where the children visit over the year at pre-school such as the post office, tea room, doctors, dentist, hairdressers, shop, etc. EYFS Links: Understanding The World

Using a car mat and photographs, create prayer board for people and places in our community

Old Town School of Folk Music - gift certificates can be used for concerts, classes, or at the School's store. Jess has taken banjo, guitar, voice, dance, zumba and yoga classes, and it's time for Alex to join in the fun, too.

Located in Lincoln Square, the Old Town School of Folk Music not only teaches but also offers a variety of musical, dance, theater & visual arts performances--some are even free!

The Old Town School of Folk Music teaches and celebrates music and cultural expressions rooted in the traditions of diverse American and global communities.

Old Town School teaches music and dance classes in a wide range of artistic genres. Concerts showcase diverse local and touring artists. A Music Store and Cafe serve students, members and neighbors.

Old Town School | Piano 1: Introduction to Piano

Old Town School | Piano 1: Introduction to Piano

Concerts | Old Town School of Folk Music

Concerts | Old Town School of Folk Music

The Olde Town School of Folk Music in Chicago's Lincoln Square is one of the best venues for live music in the city.  It boasts a myriad of well known performers on a modest stage.  It never fails to feel like a VIP show

Old Town School of Folk Music, Chicago IL - designed by Wheeler Kearns Architects

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Playtime! No iPhones, no Xbox, just hoops skipping ropes and fun!

No iPhones, no computers, just hula hoops, skipping ropes and fun!~~Some of my Fave memories.

Dewhurst the Butcher - I worked in one on the deli for a while in the 80's

Dewhurst the Butcher - I remember going to the shops with my nan. We would visit the Butcher, the Greengrocer, the Fishmonger and the Bakery. Now it's all under one roof.

"THE WITCHES HAT" ....Best thing we had on the Playground at our old Grade School.... Loved this thing...but Man was it DANGEROUS lol!!! (Especially when the mean ole' boys would push it and make us Whack into the middle lol) | Repinned by @Claudinebhatti

Witches Hat banned play ground equipment, there was a brilliant one in Radlett Road wreck.