Old warriors at rest. This is incredible to me, the juxtapose is beautiful.

Old warriors at rest

After all the years go by the memories of war still litter the old battlefields

old man knight warrior fighter scar beard sword cloak

Sildar Hallwinter- Agent of the Lords' Alliance. Investigating the disappearance of his colleague Iarno Albrek,

Legend has it this is the original Captain Scar many years before the famous one

m Fighter plate sword old midlvl Pixie Union Productions

As the legend says, the paladins were only people who could use magic and natural elements. When they were weak, and every kingdom put reward for each of their heads, they needed to build strong army to reunite and smash enemies. One of the great masters, Fabian used black magic to give revive an old body of warrior. He succeed. Partially. The new creature was strong and swift, but was very aggresive and loved gold, which it wanted to gain. Paladins tied beast and threw inside the Mausoleum…

Anubis was the only cool part about the gods of Egypt movie. Along with Barbosa and the Black Panther