so perfect

Nordic style garden house - add a bedroom, bath and little more kitchen and this is the perfect space. AND, the YARD!


Don't Spill The Beans Game - loved this. I used to play by myself, just trying to see how many beans I could balance. I bought my daughter all those old games I loved . the new ones are often just cheap junk, wish I'd saved my old ones!

School Boxes for School Supplies

I had this exact school box one year. I loved my school box with all the new supplies in it!

1960s. What used to be so common, on every street corner.  Can't find either of these anymore.

Everyday Life in the Past.these two things were in strategic places on our USA phone booth replaced by cell phones and mail boxes replaced by email.

Adjustable birthstone rings

Crystal Kids Adjustable Birthstone Ring in Jewelry & Watches, Children's Jewelry, Rings

OHSEN® Man‘s Digital LED Calendar Alarm Water Resistant Fashion Men's Sports Diver Outdoor Quartz Silicone Strap Watch Cool Watch Unique Watch

When I am worried that this new collegue who is help desk supervisor might be like dum dum and so teach him as much as I know and keep repeating to him that he needs  to learn the applications and so now finally he is  troubleshooting tickets  and asking help if he needs it instead of being like dum dum and taking us to meetings so we can talk for her instead of learning something herself..cant deal with two dumb people leading  in office and that too backbite us whenever she can..mission…

Are you going to marry Tom Hiddleston, Sebastian Stan, Chris Evans or Chris Hemsworth?