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Products Used: MAC Sweet Sage Fluidline discontinued shade (used in step 2 and MAC Club Eyeshadow (used in step Yellow-Green Eyeshadow from LA Colors Private Eye Palette (used in step MAC Nylon Eyeshadow (used in step Maybelline The Falsie’s M

I couldn't tell whether they were talking about the eye shadow stuff or not.

I have natural onyx but in the light they turn russet brown.If I could I would want (Blue) silver or steel blue, (green) forest green, and (brown) amber. What's your eye color? Or what would you want your eye color to be?

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Smoldering Green for Poison Ivy? Or maybe a more sexy, less glitter-loaded Tinkerbell? one of our many favorite looks to do here at Top Level Salon

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Colors that are flattering for eyecolors. I have green eyes but I use Hazel colors. I don't trust the green eye colors

11. Fun Makeup Look for Summer It’s coming up to summer and we tend to experiment more with makeup during this season. The sun is out and you want your makeup to reflect the vibe. This is beautiful fun makeup at its best. If you start practicing this now, by the time summer comes, you’ll …

31 Pretty Eye Makeup Looks for Green Eyes

Dark Green and Pink Eye Makeup Look for Green Eyes for all those girls blessed enough with green peepers

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Beautiful lip and eyeshadow colour combo. I'd love to try this.

I love this! Need more green eyeshadow. No liner thick lashes cat eye kind of look from lunasmakeup. Green/gold eyeshadow from laurageller ‘s baby cakes palette. maccosmetics soft and ground brown.

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Love the makeup. Those contacts are gross though. Look like alien eyes. Remind me of Halloween.

mossy green smokey eye with a touch of glitter <3

Olive green and gold glitter smokey eye eyes eye makeup eyeshadow dark glitter bold dramatic

Tres tutoriales para maquillarse a la última

Tres tutoriales para maquillarse a la última

[Beautiful eye make up tutorial for a casual day at work or even a dinner date! This could be Ruth's eye make up when she goes to work as a maid.