Oliver Reed as Bill Sykes in "Oliver!" (1968)

Bill Sykes - Oliver Reed (England) Tough, Rough, and not a little scary.

Oliver Reed Photo

Oliver Reed

Oliver Reed, "I have made many serious statements - I just can't remember any of them.

lifeonmars70s:  Oliver Reed

Oliver Reed in mid haircut during production of Ken Russell’s ‘The Devils’.if you know this movie you know this is an extremely grim photo.

on the set of the film Oliver! (1968). The actor Oliver Reed (as Bill Sikes) and the dog named Bullseye

Oliver Reed The great actor hams it up for the camera making this pooch beg for his food. They played ‘Consider Yourself’ from the film Oliver! at his funeral, he died after a drinking marathon which involved arm wrestling sailors while filming Gladiator.

Oliver Reed on location in Weymouth, Dorset for Joseph Losey's edgy sci-fi film 'The Damned' (1961).

Boats, pubs and salt air: filming The Damned in Dorset with Oliver Reed

Keith Moon and Oliver Reed

Keith Moon and Oliver Reed....that is all

When legendary hell-raiser Oliver Reed met Keith Moon, nothing was the same ever again.

OMG! I totally LOVE this photo of Oliver Reed and Keith Moon! Fantastic!

rcmerchant: “ 2 of a kind…Oliver Reed and the Who drummer Keith Moon.