The Graphic News guide to each sport in the Olympics, from canoeing, through diving and swimming to water polo

Olympics 2012 in infographics: water sports

Water Polo info graphic - Water polo basics and explanation

The United States Triathlon has grown from 53,000 member payers in 2004 to over 250,000 Americans participating each year. This competitive sport has been attracting high positioned white collar workers for years, slowly shifting the trend away from traditional golf. However, majority of participants are considered to be at an average level and lack sophistication. […]

31 Ideas for Funny Triathlon Team Names

Beneath the Surface: Sublime Underwater Portraits by Samantha French

Beneath the Surface: Sublime Underwater Portraits Painted by Talented Artist, Samantha French

Summer Sports List: Women's Swimming #water_sports #summer_sports #water_polo #waterpolo #swimmer #swimming #surfing #surfer #skater #olympic_sport #speedo #line_of_beauty

Swimmer Doing the Butterfly Entry Title: ” Swim”Name: Randi Berez, United States Wonderful image

Swimming facts infographic - how much do you know about the history of swimming?

Swimming History and Facts – An infographic by the team at Van Kirk and Sons

Swimmer Wall Art Daughter Motivation Poster Katie Ledecky

Katie Ledecky Girls Swimming Motivation Poster, Swimmer Wall Art, Daughter Inspiration, U Have To Want It More, 8x10", 11x14", Free Ship