You have cat to be kitten me! This cat boasted distinctive tufty ears and a suitably unimpressed gaze

Are these the most beautiful cats in the world?

OMG, those ears are hilarious! My freshie cat, Abby, loves to bite ears. I wonder what she'd think of these! The fluffiest of fluffy ears!

beautiful horror photography | Nathalia Suellen Digital Artist | The Dark Fantasy Art of Nathalia ...

If you're an artist that's spent any time on DeviantArt over the past 3 years, it's hard to miss the artwork of Nathalia Suellen — known commonly as LadySymphonia. The self-taught digital artist is a legend of the

I think angels should always have great big, beautiful and grand wings.  This one pushes the envelope of the extreme, but it's still a remarkable piece.

New anne stokes aly fell round bedroom wall clock gothic medievel designer clock

Spirit Guide blank greetings card by fantasy artist Anne Stokes. Angel greetings card by Anne Stokes. Blank for your own message.

(Open rp, needs someone to be him.) I had given up hope. They had found me and locked me up. The chains were to strong, even for me. I heard the door creak open. I didn't care. Let them test me. I would rather be killed than here at this point. "Sit down!" I heard a guard yell. I looked up and saw a boy with wings about my age be shoved to the ground. The guard locked him up and slammed the door shut.

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ihavefeelingsforthingsandstuffs: “ zannyblogging: “ helpfulharrie: “ Source: AuroraCarina-Chan ” ” PERFECT SAVING THIS FOR FUTURE REFERENCE ”

Anatomy reference tutorial art tutorial wing tutorial wing reference wing structure how to draw wings

judge_by_wlop-d698uan - Digital Paintings by Wang Ling   <3

Digital Paintings by Wang Ling

Wang Ling (Wlop) is a hobbyist digital artist, born in China. His illustrations are from the fantasy world of stories.

Cherub - a winged angelic being. Very representative of heaven imagery, iconic.. I still like the idea of using wings more though. Much more recognizable and simplistic

Have a look at this Cherub Stone Garden Ornament page from the Cherub & Angel Garden Ornaments department at Marble Inspiration

Angel Tree Topper Needle Felted Large by ClaudiaMarieFelt on Etsy                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Angel Tree Topper Needle Felted Large

My Guardian Angel keeps telling me this....but I really do not have that much strength left in me.....

When you think your Faith has failed you, all your hopes and dreams are gone, listen for the Angel voice that whispers, "Just hold on". BUBBLE UP, BUBBLE UP!

I saw some people doing this sort of thing and decided to try my hand at it. This was a lot of fun, and I learned a lot about wing types and shapes while doing it Each one is 20 except for #3 (that...

Wing Design 'adoptables' -batch 1 by nekonotaishou < drawing tutorial reference wings

A personal favorite from my Etsy shop

Angel Wings decor Art Print

Vintage Bridal/Bridesmaid Fairy by FabulousFairyFactory on Etsy

Vintage Bridal/Bridesmaid Fairy