Using the emoji keyboard on my phone has turned me into a hieroglyphic  master. Or so I thought. There are so many, for lack of a better word,  vague emoji. But lucky for me (and you), I discovered exactly what each of  them represent.  When using iMessage on my laptop, I can click on the emoji

Emoji Defined

form of expressions are you grateful for? "I don't quit understand the question" Want to know what you're really texting? Find emoji definitions here!

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Clean A Greasy Phone With This DIY Screen Spray

The best DIY projects & DIY ideas and tutorials: sewing, paper craft, DIY. Ideas About DIY Life Hacks & Crafts 2017 / 2018 Nettoyants d'ecran.

Michael Penn - Philadelphia 471   In this photo the aperture was low to create a depth of field. It has a bokah effect where the background is blury, creating a sharp, focused effect on the phone. The shutter speed I imagine was on a low setting, capturing the movement in the background therefore inhancing the stillness and mystery of the abandoned phone.

Top 10 Most Amazing Black and White Photos Part 2

Philadelphia 471 by Michael Penn Street Photography - This is a great image because of the contrast between the dangling phone and the blurred people in the background. It seems ironic that the phone is still and not swinging while the rest of the image i

If electronics still don’t work when you get a little water on them in the future I’m going to be very disappointed.

okaaay but if we develop waterproof robots i meeaaan. you have a point tho

Call Me: 30 Phone Cases I Want To Buy Immediately |

Sometimes I wish I had every size phone, so I could buy every ridiculously amazing phone case I come across. good ones out there, from sparkly glitter ones to ridiculous shapes that I can’t get enough of. Rounded up 30 (yes, how’s

Learn how to make a hologram with your smartphone. Use this hologram projector tutorial and YouTube videos for amazing result.

How to Make a Hologram with your Smartphone

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Cell Phone Cases - “Princess is a Girl whose got a Brain who always speaks her mind.