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I hate Peter Pan he is the worst promising a good new life then abandons home that's just cold

I got: Peter Pan! Which Once Upon a Time Character Are You?

Which Once Upon a Time Character Are You?

I decided he has amazing facial expressions. And he is an awesome Peter Pan. Even though I've never even heard of the show he's on.


Darkness has a name: Peter Pan - Chapter 29

Beautiful Lies (OUAT/Peter Pan Fanfic) "You are cooking when we get married" - Wattpad

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20 Reasons Why Once Upon a Time is the BEST

Peter Pan once upon a time. I love this so much because A. This Peter Pan is HOT! He can grab my face and kiss it any time he likes. Like seriously, Peter come back here!

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Hawkeye would blow him up actually. A prime example is what happened to Loki.

Not usually in to fanart, but I love this piece. It's a great representation of Pan from once upon a time.

I love him! Who cares if he's a bad guy? Future husband right there^^ Robbie Kay

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but imagine being a girl who is more than just someone's daughter, or just someone's love interest.imagine being Hook herself


A nostalgic trip down memory lane for Peter Pan. How sweet.<--- I'm glad I'm not the only one who though he had fantastic eyebrows.

As messed up as this family tree is, the weirdest is Peter being Rumples dad.

As messed up as this family tree is, the weirdest is Peter being Rumples dad. Yes. I died at Peter Pan. My favorite Fairytale. Thank you OUAT.

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