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The fact that I saw them last night with my actual eyes is just. That was the best experience of my life.

Don't remind me that he is my MENTAL boyfriend, and not my real one! And it was my precious Niall James Horan

This is no lie my great grandmother saw my wallpaper of Niall and asked if he was my boyfriend and I just laughed and said I wish:)

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15 Shakespearean Insults To Replace Your Boring Ones

We need to help them get nominated for a Grammy! Go vote here and spread the word before its too late!!

I hate how Louis and Niall don't even have 20 minutes, and Harry and Liam have over They all have amazing voices and should sing close to the equal amount of time in their solos!

We need to help get these boys nominated for a Grammy go here to vote then help spread the word!

History - One Direction ❤️ - that awkward moment when a directionator thinks this is a history lyric 😂 when it's really walking in the wind.