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One Direction Memes - one-direction Photo Just to annoy his majesty I will refuse to put on my seat belt!

*Plane crashing* Louis: we need to all calm down Lady: But the oxygen masks- Louis: I said, sit the f***k down.

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We can make it you know it you know, you and me got a whole lot of history oh

6 years of one direction.....look at that booty on our nialler

6 years of one direction.look at that booty on our nialler<< why is louis' hair so blonde? And yeah, I see that booty

I was at this concert! Cardiff 6/6/15

OML Niall is just like all giddy cause Liam is that close to him, then Harry notices what Liam is doing to Lou and leans over to make him leave his man alone!

Tutorial: Beautiful Smokey Eye Makeup - Want to do it yourself? Click on the image for the tutorial! one direction

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One Direction Niall 1D Cardboard Stand-Up

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One Direction

They taught me one direction isn't just a band there everything.I love One Direction for the great role models that they are more than anything.

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My mom was like why did Louis slap you boyfriend. I was like because my other boyfriend is sometimes mean to my husband

I cant even begin to explain how wonderful life becomes when I think, look, or listen to one direction

I cant even begin to explosión how wonderful life becomes when I think, look, or listen to one direction