Why does Louis always seem to fall?  Like, seriously! Wtf is going on with his feet? It's like, I love you, Lou, but why de'ya keep falling?

1D's Most Epic Tour #Fails

One Direction's Biggest Tour Fails - Harry Styles Trips On Stage - Seventeen

this must go down in history..

Oh first time in history one direction every single member is looking at the camera.

One Direction 'Steal My Girl' Didn't Break Vevo Record: Harry Styles Tweets Bad News | Cambio

One Direction 'Steal My Girl' Didn't Break Vevo Record: Harry Styles Tweets Bad News

Details of Flack's romances with both Prince Harry and the One Direction star have emerged in her new autobiography, Storm in a C Cup, which is to be released later this month

Caroline Flack: ‘I was Prince Harry’s bit of rough’

Caroline Flack, has revealed for the first time how she enjoyed a brief romance with Prince Harry but called it off when word got out and she became known as his 'bit of rough'.

One Direction Settle Lawsuit Against One Direction | Music News | Rolling Stone

One Direction Settle Lawsuit With One Direction

'One Direction' has become one of the hottest and latest new bands to hit the airwaves. Their performance at the 2012 Kids Choice Awards and Saturday Night

Who's Your 1D BGF?>>> I GOT LIAM AAHHHHHH!!!

Who's Your 1D BGF?

Take the quiz to find out which member of One Direction would be your best guy friend.

Niall Horan Breaks His Silence Following One Direction's Hiatus: We Are Not Splitting Up E! Online Mobile

Niall Horan Breaks His Silence Following One Direction Hiatus News: "We Are Not Splitting Up"

The boy's released the Drag Me Down music video on Vevo this morning August Go watch it! It's absolutely incredible!


Listen to songs from the album FOUR (The Ultimate Edition), including "Steal My Girl", "Ready to Run", "Where Do Broken Hearts Go" and many more. Buy the album for Songs start at Free with Apple Music subscription.

This is me and my best friend.. I'll be at her house and she will literally FaceTime someone when I'm right there and I'm just like "bruh"

Best of One Direction Memes

When you're with your friend and they're texting someone on their phone, so your just there like.

Now we can all be that One step closer to the One Direction boys with their sweet fragrance Our Moment.

Watch: Video of One Direction's fragrance launch party! The One Moment we've all been waiting for!

Capture the magic of a special moment with the One Direction Our Moment Eau de Parfum, the debut fragrance created for fans. The One Direction perfume is a sparkling fruity floral for girls who like their scent to be as sweet and spirited as

One Direction Explain Why Fans Have Booed Them in Concert

Usually when this happens to me, I don't laugh, I think it's dumb. Most joke that are funny, are the ones you get right away, and the ones you get and someone else is still trying to figure it out cx