One Direction Memes - one-direction Photo Just to annoy his majesty I will refuse to put on my seat belt!

*Plane crashing* Louis: we need to all calm down Lady: But the oxygen masks- Louis: I said, sit the f***k down.

3 of my fav things Hannah Montana ,One Direction and Selena Gomez

~Disney~ ~Hannah Montana~ ~One Direction~ ~Zayn Malik~ ~Selena Gomez~

One ditection cookies

One Direction Cookies for your One Direction Party Theme - too sweet! One Direction party theme will be here this week!

I really want to meet the 4 boys that saved my life and make me feel like a somebody  when I feel like a nobody

One Direction - Music video for "Perfect" - Behind the scenes

I love th

Harry looks a bit scared in the second picture and he's so done with Zayn in the third on XD