Ace from One Piece...this is AMAZING. Who also loved this arc in One Piece??? <3 I CRIED AND LAUGHED SO MUCH.

By far the saddest arc in One Piece. It completely broke me the first time I saw it. Up until this point, no one had ever died in One Piece, not even bad guys. To lose Ace, and see Luffy so broken.

The Creator of One Piece asked several famous Manggakas to draw Luffy and Other Strawhat Pirates in their own style

Just some awesome artist renditions

Eiichiro Oda (The creator of One Piece), asked several famous Mangakas (Japanese comic artists) to draw Luffy and other Strawhat Pirates in their own style.

Straw Hat Pirates - One Piece,Anime

The Strawhats as Merfolk (NSFW)

Straw Hat Pirates - One Piece,Anime. enventually luffy robin and chopper can swim!

One Piece crew

One Piece crew