Ace from One Piece...this is AMAZING. Who also loved this arc in One Piece??? <3 I CRIED AND LAUGHED SO MUCH.

By far the saddest arc in One Piece. It completely broke me the first time I saw it. Up until this point, no one had ever died in One Piece, not even bad guys. To lose Ace, and see Luffy so ripped my heart in two.

One Piece - Ace, Sabo, and Luffy

ワンピース 海賊王 ONE PIECE --(in another time, in another world, some brothers start a band) My 10 000 pub - of course a pic of the PK

Roronoa Zoro, One piece  by Tsuyomaru_時々 (@tsuyomaru1a) | Twitter

つよ丸 on

character name collar earrings green hair jewelry male focus one eye closed one piece roronoa zoro scar short hair smile solo sunglasses tsuyomaru

月月 — Little fanart/tribute to one of my most favourite...

Little fanart/tribute to one of my most favourite

One Piece, Sanji

Long time no see~ Trying to do a set of the theme "addiction" (: working slowly though.(look at Bleach would know how slow I work haha) Anime&nbsp;this weekend yay!I wil.

Monkey D. Luffy et Garp - One piece

Monkey D. Luffy and Monkey D. Garp One piece art