Monkey D. Luffy quote poster from the most popular Anime series of all time;, One Piece

Smoker knows Luffy will be the Pirate King...

He accepted it. He was fully prepared for it and smiled." I hope when my time comes I react the same way


This would make a wonderful tattoo. How about some of us OP fans get this ("Everyone is a child of the sea") to identify ourselves because this is basically the entire plot of OP.

This arc really made me want to go through One piece world and hug Luffy. After losing all his nakama, he also lost his brother.

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Monthly One Piece Quote is coming againthis time Nami's quote ^^i just thought this quote is greaaatwe must create the best memories ^^this bless me, i . One Piece Quote - Nami


I’m doing it because I want to. I decided to become the Pirate King and if I die fighting for it, then that’s that! ~Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece)

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One of THE BEST QUOTE i find in One Piece. I'm so AGREE with this ^^ as long as we still live in someone else hearts ^^ lets write our name in every. One Piece Quote - Hiluluk