Lesson on perspective/marine life

Lesson on perspective/marine life. Would be neat to teach after a trip to the zoo (if they have a tunnel like this)

Perspective 1 Worksheet: bird by ~BluewolfR on deviantART

here's how to draw a city through a birds eyes view so GL to those who wants/needs this!D printed version: [link] Perspective 1 Worksheet: bird

how to draw in 1 point perspective

Drawing a One-Point Perspective Room Tutorial

one point perspective drawing living room - Google Search:

one point perspective drawing living room

The Helpful Art Teacher: Draw a Surrealistic Room in One Point Perspective

The first video shows the easiest quick method for drawing a room in one point perspective using only a ruler and a square piece of paper: .

See How To Draw A Room using linear one point perspective, seen from a bird's eye view! In this art video from Circle Line Art School you can learn a simple way to make a realistic line drawing of a room with windows, doors, and objects in one point perspective.

How to Draw a Room in One Point Perspective: A Bird's Eye View by Circle Line Art School - Drawing Technique