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One Punch Man Review

Get ready to get knocked out with feels thanks to this fan comic. One Punch Man may not be sad but that doesn't stop the community from making it so bitter

One Punch Man ok i don't even watch this anime but this is adorable

*sighs* Saitama. What am I gonna do with you?

I was so busy naming the characters up tol too to notice that Saitama was there so I lost it when I finally did see him

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One Punch Man Review

I have been busy with watching classic animes (; ❤Thank you for your comments an.

Saitama and Genos (One-Punch Man) love one punch man so much don't let the boldness bother you it is so good

One punch man - awesome I love it! Funny and great action. Saitama a hero who only kills his enemies in one punch will he ever find a challenging opponents