Guatemala's highland markets ... want to go?

Guatemala Tours - A custom Guatemala tour that explores the rich culture and local markets of Guatemala. This Guatemala trip also includes a homestay and Lake Atitlan tour.

a street open market in essaouira,morocco with colourful carpets and a sale person • Buy this artwork on home decor, stationery, bags et more.

a street open market in Essaouira,Morocco with colourful carpets and a sale person


Guatemalan food is recognized in three stages; Mayan Empire, Spanish rule and the modern republic. The Mayans introduced corn, the Spanish introduced enchiladas, guacamole, tamales and tortillas.


Morning market in Laos. Loved, loved, loved shopping the markets in the morning. Never tasted sweeter pineapple.

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Market, Madeira, Portugal

Market, Madeira, Portugal - Explore the World with Travel Nerd Nici, one Country…

Mercado dos Lavradores, Funchal, Madeira

Mercado dos Lavradores, Funchal, Madeira, Portugal - i just love markets around the world, all the different types of produce amazes me

Vegetable Market in Assam , India

Vegetable Market in Assam , India The wholesale market for fruits and vegetables is an experience that is really difficult to describe.You will be astonished by all the fresh fruits and vegetables that arrive here every morning from all over India