During 1946 nuclear weapon tests in the Pacific, animals were put on ships in the blast area. Goat #119, behind plate armour inside a gun turret, died from the radiation in 4 days. Goat #53, out on deck, died in 2. Pig #311 was found swimming around and was brought back to the zoo in Washington.

A test nuclear explosion codenamed "Baker", part of Operation Crossroads, at Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands, on July The 40 kiloton atomic bomb was detonated by the U. at a depth of 27 meters below the ocean surface, miles from the atoll.

Old-time photos seen through color. Check out some of these historical moments from history revamped to make the past look present, like this image of the Hydrogen Bomb. (via 22 Words)

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Admiral Blandy and his wife cut an Operation Crossroads mushroom cloud cake

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A number of high ranking military officials celebrated the detonation of the largest atomic bomb ever tested by the U. with a smashing party that featured this massive A-bomb cake, 1946

Operation Crossroads

Operation Crossroads

Aerial view of the Able mushroom cloud rising from the lagoon with the Bikini Island visible in the background. The cloud carried the radioactive contaminants into the stratosphere.

Atomic Cake, served at a reception for Operation Crossroads (Bikini Atoll) on Nov 6, 1946. The photo so outraged Reverend Arthur Powell Davies, of Washington's All Souls Church, that he condemned it in a fiery sermon, which in turn set off an international media furor.

The ATOM CAKE. Navy Vice Admiral William H. Blandy, his wife, and Rear Admiral Frank J. Lowry cut a cake made in the shape of a mushroom cloud at a reception for Operation Crossroads (November

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Mushroom cloud with ships evaporating below during shot Baker of Operation Crossroads nuclear weapons test at Bikini Atoll, July 1946

operation crossroads

World's first underwater nuclear explosion