One of my favorite  polish, OPI Russian Navy

OPI – Russian Navy

Oldie but goodie- OPI Russian Navy. Supposed to be one of the biggest colors this fall.

Need to find this polish, had my nails done with it for graduation, really pretty color. Can't tell here, but there's red glitter flecks in it, very subtle & classy. One of my favorites from OPI

-OPI Russian Navy- I LOVE this color  this is the first time I've looked at a nail color and wanted to repin it

I never would have thought of matte navy blue polish! But, this OPI Russian Navy Matte is great.

OPI Manicure Lot of 3 Full Size Bottles to make a Matte Navy Tuxedo Manicure Included in this lot: OPI Russian Navy OPI Black Onyx OPI

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