OPI Samoan Sand Soft Shades Collection 2005

This is like the perfect nude nail color! Neeeed this - OPI Let Them Eat Rice Cakes

OPI Tiramisu For Two Comparison | Fall 2015 Venice Collection | Peachy Polish

From pointer to pinkie: 3 coats of OPI “Samoan Sand”, 2 coats of OPI “Tiramisu For Two”, 2 coats of Essie “Topless & Barefoot” and 2 coats of OPI “Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around.

jessica___'s photo on Instagram OPI samoan sand is my ultimate go-to color. What is yours?

It's wedding season! Perfect color nails "My favorite and most reposted picture from OPI 'Samoan sand' thinking of doing this same thing for my wedding ❤️”

OPI My Vampire is Buff, Samoan Sands, Don't Pretzel my Buttons, Essie Sand Tropez Comparison | Jamegackie

Neutral Colors: OPI My Vampire is Buff, OPI Samoan Sands, OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons and Essie Sand Tropez. Have Sand Tropez but really like the Don't Pretzel my Buttons, will have to find!

I love a good nude nail polish! It gives a classy look, and goes with almost everything! #nails #beauty #OPI

Samoan Sand OPI-perfect for that pregnant "I need everything to be spottlessly clean including my toes but mess in the kitchen from making late night brownies is fine" feeling. Thanks Ninja!