Beautiful inky blue walls in this living room with lots of picture frames on shelves. Luxurious leather sofa with soft furnishings. Rooms for you lifestyle wall. Living Room

A Revolution For The Home : Rooms Made for You

Dark brown leather couch with pillows. - Lifestyle Wall - a new plasterboard that is so strong you can hang shelves - even a TV - without drills, rawplugs or special fixings. Screw straight into plaster.

Fascinating Modern Furniture Design for Small Apartment : Awesome Small Apartments Living Room With Modern Furniture

Modern Apartment Living Room Ideas Ideas Of Modern Small Apartment Living Room Modern Interior Concept Decoration

Colors for my house, blues

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Docked Tones - palette of blue gray and mushroom. cabinets light tan, the floor is grey marble'ish tile, the walls opposite are dark beige and stormy blue.

Scientists puzzled for decades as to why their equations did not explain the observed universe and why the infinitesimally small scale did not match the astronomically large universe ? Then then factored in Dark matter and it's polar opposite Dark energy and then computer simulations make sense BUT it's all theory, since Dark material cannot be observed but its effect on visible celestial bodies confirm their existence through billions of pieces of data extrapolated by astronomers number…

Dark Energy & Dark Matter The two largest pieces of the Universe that we know the least about, yet nothing less than the ultimate fate of the Universe will be determined by them. (Illustration: NASA/CXC/M.Weiss) The Universe in a Jelly Bean Jar

deep dark green cabinets and walls, original wooden floorboards, brass hardware and lots of marble in deVOL's Peckham Rye Kitchen

If luxe and bohemian can be used together, then it is the perfect description for the Peckham Rye Classic Kitchen.

Decorating with dark paint doesn't mean you'll end up with a room of Stygian gloom. In fact the very opposite. Used properly drama and atmosphere await. Like this living room with large antique mirrors.

Drama Drama Drama

Six slim, gilded mirrors placed side by side against a dark wall create a fragmented reflection of this interior by John Minshaw and Michael Edwards presenting the reflected room as an artwork in itself. via House & Garden.