EASY DIY Optimus Prime Costume (Rescue Bots)

My son Mason who is 3 years old (almost wanted to be Optimus Prime for Halloween. He has been watching Transformers Rescue Bots for .

DIY Kids Optimus Prime costume... Jacob saw this, and now I am sucker'd into this one instead. UGGG! Better start getting the boxes....

hile watching an episode of the classic 1984 animated “Transformers” with my 4 year old son I had a moment of insanity. “Hey buddy,” I said. “You want me… Optimus prime costume

Transforming Optimus Prime Costume

Transforming Optimus Prime Costume

Built the "vehicle mode" of Optimus Prime for my son so he could Transform. It is made out of cardboard boxes, cardboard tubes, cans, dixie cups, a filter.