Hello my Friend...Orlanda from Sakchai Farm - Thailand

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Black Oranda Goldfish

Black Oranda Goldfish

White Oranda 7 inches » DandyOrandas.com

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Beautiful coppery oranda with the deluxe veiltailed finnage From zhao's fancies

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Oranda with phoenixtail is a new kinds Freshwater Goldfish.It's have oranda and in phoenix tail characteristic.

Lol!!! Omg! I want one!

My 11 year old cent gold fish named Jr. He was so big by the time he died that he could no long swim right side up. He even survived having his tank filled with beer during a wild house party of mine.

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A red cap goldfish, or “oranda”. These are characterized by a prominent hood that covers the head – which let’s face it, look like their brains are on show. Originally from China, they are popular aquarium pets today.

This Calico Oranda Goldfish would be lovely in my tank.

This Calico Oranda Goldfish would be lovely in my tank. I wonder if Bloat will look like this

i miss my Orandas! like aquatic teddybears the size of my fists!

Koi fish - Pez Koi>>> some mistake> looks like an ORANDA !