Fruit Orchard Layout Using PicMonkey

When I first planted the trees years ago I made a diagram of our property, added the fruit trees, and labeled them with what fruit they’d produce and the year I planted them. Over time I’ve lost and r (Step Design Layout)

Fall harvest baskets of fruit: apples, grapes, nuts and berries in apple orchard. This is what it's all about, a great harvest.

Apple trees were the most popularly grown fruit tree in colonial America and practically every settlement farm and backyard gardener planted this easily grown fruit tree, or easier, the seed of the apple could be planted to establish

24 Reasons Fall is Best Spent in The Country

Fall is better in the country because there's likely a fruit-bearing tree right in your own backyard. --- Great photography idea for kids!

Planning a Fruit Tree Guild

Guilds are set up around a central fruit and ground covers planted to complement the central tree and enhance its health and productivity.

Underplanting fruit trees in rows - Orchard Chateau Plaisir. A stunning country Chateau garden in the south of France.

Raspberry supports - an idea for a fence in the side's a win win boys are fenced in and I get to eat raspberries

How to Get Fruit Trees To Blossom & Fruit

Im trying this old time method of shocking my fruit trees into blossoming and producing fruit, by beating them at the truck base with a

The most effective and easy way to keep the creepy crawlies out of your precious tree fruit. Tanglefoot for earwigs.

Planting a Native Edibles Food Forest

Diversify your homestead harvest with a native edibles food forest. Here I share how we economically planted 100+ edible & medicinal trees on our land. | Homestead Honey