I have these exact orchids in a pot in my yard. the plant is 30 yrs old :)Cymbidium Orchid

Cymbidium Clarisse Austin 'Best Pink' This color would look great with the white and yellow Orchids!

Orchid | Wonderful Places http://placespill.blogspot.com.es/2013/04/orchid.html

Genius Ideas for a Revelrous Nursery

[Night Garden Custom Pillows - Party Inspiration] Deep blue orchids are so beautiful.

How to Grow Orchids - Lots of Tips and Ideas!

How to Grow Orchids

Orchids can easily last for months. How to Grow Orchids - Lots of Tips and Ideas!

An infographic to help you bring even more meaning to your funeral arrangements by knowing 8 popular orchid colours & their meanings. Learn how to meaningfully express feelings through flowers.

10+ Best Funeral Flowers

Different types of flowers with names, meanings and types of flowers with pictures

Ruby Leopard Slipper Orchid by Al Whitaker on Capture Minnesota

Ruby Leopard Slipper Orchid by Al Whitaker on Capture Minnesota

Ruby Leopard Slipper Orchid Minnesota Landscape Arboretum - G-d was in a techno-color glory mood- don't you agree?Oh Batty, why don't MY slippers look like that?

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There are so many different types of flowers from around the world. This list offers some of the most popular that have their own spectacular features.

Top 163 Most Beautiful & Popular Different Types Of Flowers For Your Garden Or Home

A Whimsical orchid flower with a parrots eyes is the subject of an art quilt by Barbara Barrick McKie. It is called Rare Parrot Orchid.

Orchid flowers cover a range of unusual shapes, varying sizes and a rainbow of colors. They may resemble butterflies, spiders or lady’s slippers. Once blooms finish flowering, they fall off ...

What to Do With an Orchid After the Flowers Fall Off?

), also known as phalaenopsis orchids, produce a spray of blooms that each resembles a moth in flight. Individual flowers range from 3 to 6 inches wide and are myriad .

Crochet Orchid Flower Free Pattern                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Crochet Pretty Flower Free Patterns

Orchid Flower Crochet Pattern by Lisa Lisa. Skill Level: Intermediate Crochet your very own orchids to place in a pot! Free Pattern More Patterns Like This!