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Orchid Identification ~ Orchid supplies & advice

Vanda: requires high light and high humidity. May grow with an orchid blend or alone in a basket.

Don't throw out your orchid! I'ts not dead - Just add ice orchid care.

Don’t Throw Out Your Orchid! It’s Not Dead!

If you have these 6 essential orchid supplies, your plant will be ready to bloom and thrive.

8 Reasons an Orchid Won't Bloom, Plus Solutions

A table of blooming moth orchids in a variety of colours in terracotta pots. - Debra Wiseberg/E+/Getty Images

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It's important to disinfect your tools before using them on your orchids

How to Disinfect Your Orchid Supplies and Pots

Repotting should only occur after the Phalaenopsis orchids flowering cycle is complete.

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Since 1973 Charley's greenhouse & garden supply has specialized in hobby greenhouses, custom greenhouse kits, greenhouse accessories and orchid supplies.

Orchid Supplies from - Orchid Mix - Orchid Pots - Orchid Care - Orchid Fertilizer

Orchid Supplies from - Orchid Mix - Orchid Pots - Orchid Care - Orchid Fertilizer

Orchid pots galore

We offer the largest selection of Orchid Pots anywhere! rePotme is the one stop shop for all orchid supplies and information.