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MissMathDork: middle school math made FUN!: Loved that Lesson: Fractional reasoning on a number line! Such a good lesson.

5 Hands-On Activities for Teaching Fractions that your Students will LOVE!

5 Activities for Teaching Fractions

Fractions is a big concept cover in grade, therefore, with this activity students are learning about fractions and how they are written out in a more interactive way. Using dominoes gives students visual representations of how fractions look.

Fraction Sort: Comparing and Ordering Using Benchmark Fractions.  Amazing game for any grade 3rd - 7th!

Fraction Sort Game: Comparing & Ordering Using Benchmark Fractions, 8 Games

FREEBIE! Play fraction golf with your students!

FREE-Fraction Golf {a game to practice making and comparing fractions} Fractions You can play whole group or play as a center. Included are two game variations. The 9 hole is a simpler version and the 18 hole is more complex.

Simplifying & Ordering Fractions Poster

Learn about Simplifying & Ordering Fractions with this informative size poster. The bright design of the poster enables it to be read easily from a distance, complementing all learning environments.