The Original™ Chai Tea Latte Concentrate | This is where it all started. Where creation evolved to a higher plane. Where the sweet and spicy...

Oregon Chai Sugar-Free Original Chai Tea Latte Concentrate has approximately mg of caffeine per serving (same as a lightly brewed cup of black tea).

Oregon Chai Tea Latte Single Serve

The great taste of Oregon Chai’s Original Chai Latte is now available in single serve cups for use in your individual cup coffee machine.

Oregon Chai Vanilla

Oregon Chai Vanilla - can't survive without it!

Oregon Chai

Oregon Chai has come up with a variety of ways to enjoy our chai tea. Chai Latte Concentrate, Chai Latte Mixes, or Chai Teabags.

Oregon Chai

Oregon Chai

Oregon Chai Tea Latte Dry Mix

Oregon Chai Original Chai Tea Latte Dry Mix - 3 lb