" The Oregon Treaty is a treaty between the United Kingdom and the United States that was signed on June 15, 1846, in Washington, D.C. The treaty brought an end to the Oregon boundary dispute by settling competing American and British claims to the Oregon Country, which had been jointly occupied by both Britain and the U.S. since the Treaty of 1818." Wikipedia

or fight" is the battle cry before Britain and the U. settle on the parallel as the border between Canada and the United States with the signing of the Oregon Treaty.

The Oregon Territory, established by the Oregon Treaty

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2. Boundary: The Oregon Treaty is signed.

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Boundary: The Oregon Treaty is signed.

Map of The Oregon Treaty in 1823- 1845:  The west side of the United States have not been claimed by the Americans yet.   Later on the war with Mexico heats up since America wants the other side of the country.  Women during this time must have a hard time dealing with men going to war and settlement on the western side of the country.

Map of The Oregon Treaty in The west side of the United States have not been claimed by the Americans yet.

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Aug. 5, 1846. Oregon country is divided between the United States and Britain at the 49th parallel.

Russo American Treaty - This treaty set the boundaries between the Russian and American claims. This treaty was signed in April 1824 in St.Petersburg but was not put into effect until January This gave Russia the claim to waht we know as Oregon Country

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President James Knox Polk As a result of the Mexican War, Polk was able to add nearly the entire area of the American Southwest to the jurisdiction of the U.

Oregon Country-- was a predominantly American term referring to a disputed region of the Pacific Northwest of North America. The region was occupied by British and French Canadian fur traders from before 1810, and American settlers from the mid-1830s, with its coastal areas north from the Columbia River frequented by ships from all nations engaged in the maritime fur trade, most of these from the 1790s through 1810s being Boston-based. The Oregon Treaty of 1846 ended disputed joint occupancy

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